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What is WinScribe Workflow Software

WinScribe is a software solution to enhance and streamline your Olympus digital dictation equipment. The real benefits of WinScribe are truely noticeable with large corporate firms.

WinScribe is the first truly open standards telephone, LAN/WAN Internet, Intranet & VPN based workflow system. It is flexible, customisable and suitable for any environment from legal, medical, police, insurance, government and corporate.

WinScribe is designed and built on Microsoft Windows© and SQL® server technologies which means that it is easily integrated into businesses and is easy to provide technical support for. It also means a lower cost to implement and maintain.

WinScribe's Key Features are:

- Complete monitoring of your secrearial support staff
- Control and supversition of voice files
- Telephone dictation directly into the system
- Complete integration with most telephone systems
- Comprehensive real time reporting with over 100 historical reports
- Concurrent Licensing Structure

Olympus (the digital dictation equipment market leader), WinScribe (the workflow market leader) and S&G Digital are working closely together to offer clients a complete digital dictation and workflow management solution.

Our high-quality training, support services and project management team, coupled with our excellent customer care record clearly seperates us apart from other solution providers. We have helped to achieve a rapid return on investment for many organisations including the legal industry, corporate firms, healthcare, government and the police constabulary, across the UK.

If you would like a demonstration, please telephone Graham (020)7831 - 4546

What is WinScribe Workflow Software

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