Olympus VN-120
Olympus VN-120
The VN-120 is a simplistic notetaker providing ease of use and a built-in digital storage facility to playback recordings in great sound quality. It features a lightweight and compact design. Boasting a range of features, it acquires up to 120 minutes of recording time and offers three recording qualities, HQ, SP, and LP. These recordings can effortlessly be stored in three folders ensuring organised file management. Hands free recording is possible through the Variable Control Voice Activation feature permitting the recorder to stop and start as you speak.

Over 121 minutes recording time
3 recording qualities (HQ,SP,LP)
Recording Times:
43 min. in HQ mode
65 min. in SP mode
121 min. in LP mode
3 folders for file management
Microphone sensitivity: Switch Hi/Lo
Timer recording (automatic start/stop)
VCVA (voice activation) for hands free recording
Index setting
Alarm playback

Please note:
This machine can not be connected to a computer.
So NO download capabilities.